Trait & Rarity LIST

We’re currently working on detailed rarity list for this site. For now here is an overview of our traits and their rarity. We have:

  • Standard
  • Medium rare
  • Rare
  • Super Rare
  • Mega rare

Our Legends - 25x Super rare

Our Legendary Potatoes. Base characters. 

No.1-25: Super rare

Note: All of these 25 base characters has about only 1-2 (54 in total). All of them are mega rare. Thats in total only 5.4% of the whole 999 NFT collection. The most rare of these ones are as follows:
-Golden body
-Moon as background
-Shootingstar on moon background
-Noise white glow


The most 4x rare ones and 1x special one

Ultra mega rare
We have only 3 of these (full legend + white noise background) in our complete collection. That is only a chance of 0.5 % to get one of them!


But by far the most rare one is our full legend “Thor” + light white noise background (because this was one of the first tries of our head designer. As far as we know he deleted it. But we didn’t know it sneaked into the collection). Chance to get him is 0.1%.

Backgrounds, 29x

No.1-27: Standard: 
No.28-29: Super Rare

Wings, 7x

No.1-4:  Rare
No.5-7: Super rare

Bodies, 7x

No. 1: Standard:
No. 2-5: Medium
No. 6-7: Rare

Top Clothes, 32x

No. 1-17: Standard 
No. 18-32: Medium Rare


Hat & Hair, 45x

No. 1-14: Standard
No. 15-45: Medium rare

Eyewear, 5x

No. 1-5:  Rare


Chains, 13x

No. 1-9: Standard
No.10-13: Rare (Solana, Ethereum, Cardano, Bitcoin)


Faces, 34x

No. 1-21: Standard
No. 22-34: MediumRare


Face Acessories, 6x

No. 1-2: Standard
No. 3-5: Medium Rare
No. 6: Rare


Weapons, 31x

No. 1-20: Standard
No. 21-3: Medium Rare


Left Hand Accessory, 6x

No. 1-6: Medium Rare


Pants, 22x

No.1-17: Standard
No. 18-22: Medium Rare


Shoes, 19x

No. 1-16: Standard
No. 17-20: Medium Rare


Arm Accessories, 5x

No. 1-5: Rare


Body Scars, 4x

No. 1-4: Rare

Body Glowing, 8x

No. 1-7: Rare
No. 8:  Super rare (white noise glowing)


Cigarettes, 2x

No. 1-2: Rare

Doctor Stuff, 1x

No. 1: Rare

Firearms, 1x

No.1: Rare

Antennas, 1x

Rare: 1

Shiny Effects, 2x

No.1: Standard: (shining stars on potato)
No.2: Rare (Shining stars on whole NFT picture)

Red Cheeks, 1x

No.1: Super rare

Tail, 1x

No.1: Rare

Piercing, 1x

No.1: Rare

Special Effects on Background, 2x

No. 1-2: Super rare (Apocalyptic moon & Shootingstar)