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NFT Legend Potatoes based on Solana
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Spartan Potato

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4444 unique legendary Potato NFTs based on Solana Blockchain. Unique ownership guaranteed.

Coming soon on Monday, October 18 at 2pm UTC.

0.9 SOL on public sale ** see our 72h limited special on FAQ!

0.5 SOL on pre-sale // SOLD OUT!

First come first serve!

We are sold out now! Get your one-of-a-kind NFT at https://magiceden.io/marketplace/legendary_potatoes

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Yes! You’re too late. We’re sold OUT! 
You can buy a unique potato at secondary market places: magiceden.io



They are Non-Fundible Tokens, also called NFTs. Awesome unique NFTs drawn by hand, generated by AI, chilling on Solana blockchain. It’s digital arts!

No, don’t be silly! Don’t you think this is a boring ordinary potato! From now on you shall know the truth: They are legendary potatoes named Solato Potato. Fighting not only against humans to avoid being eaten as unhealthy chips or crisps. They are also taking care of justice for children and animals who have trouble getting food. After long time and a lot of fighting for several rights in the history of potatoes Solato Potato became a fucking legend.

Because they are hand drawn potatoes built together by a collection of over 320 traits. That gives us possibilities for creating over 1000.000.000.000 different characters which is done by computer AI (algorithmically generated)! Dropping only a tiny amount  4444 pieces makes these NFTs really super rare! Did you notice the special way of style we use? It’s not like all the other projects out there. It’s simply unique. We did not copy anyone. Don’t miss the chance to get a mega rare character one of a kind style!

Besides these facts: Also 12 potatoes were helping us realising these NFTs. We are sure these arts are worth more than the price you get at this time right now. Trying to assure this by investing a lot of efforts into marketing and future ideas based on the discussions with the community  (DAO). And don’t ignore the fact that it is your duty to save a potato from being eaten in unhealthy ways by humans! Buy and save a Solato Potato and become fucking LEGEND!

Yo are here so you know how to buy it. Why da fuck are you still reading this? You are special and crazy enough to buy these angry potatoes.

You just have to connect to your wallet. See button above with “Connect” after you entered the minting page which you get by pushing the green “Mint” Button. After that just press the  Mint Button to get one unique NFT for only 0,9 Solana (Pre-Sale 0,5 SOL Limited to 300).

If you buy one potato then we promise you that you will get a free real potato from us. You just have to contact us via E-Mail and we are going to ship you one piece for free. Or a handwritten postcard.

A computer based algorithmically AI created 4444 pieces of unique digital arts for you. Over 320 layers with hand drawn traits allowing us to get over one trillion (1000.000.000.000) different character styles, each of them representing unique arts. We only chose the above mentioned 4444 pieces of rare hero potatoes, the so called Solato Potato (SP). That means if you minted a SP you got a very unique and rare NFT. Every single Solato Potato has a soul and talked to us that he is fine with being sold to you. We checked and confirmed his mental health. We found out that he will do everything to protect his owner, you, also.

We are a great team of creatives working together with 12 potatoes to realise the project. We and the potatoes just love Solana and potatoes. Get yourself a Solato Potato now and you also will be loved by potatoes!

Yes, of course! We as a team are humans taking care of other humans and animals. This is some kind of heart issue. We love to help other people and of course also rewarding you as owner of Solato Potato.

Donations for (food) Charities:

  • 5$ minimum for each potato NFT we sell
  • minimum 10% of all royalties
  • additional 10.000$ when we’re sold out

That means we’re giving a minimum of 32220$ to charities who take care of people and animals who has no food.

Due to love to our community we also going to spread minimum 10% of all royalties among Solato Potato owners (automatic giveaways to  lot of our members every week).


Pre-sale will start 12 hours before the public sale at Sunday, October 17th, 4 p.m. UTC.

First come first serve!

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This is CRAZY! We have 3  iPhone Joker Potatoes within our NFT Collection of 4444 which we are releasing on October 17th. You can mint them on this site. 

3 of you lucky guys are going to mint one of 3 Jokers with golden/yellow iPhone 12 in his right hand. If you mint this NFT then you won a brand new iPhone 12! If you minted that iPhone Joker please contact us on Twitter, Discord or E-Mail! 

This is how the NFT is looking like:

All these 3 iPhone Jokers are randomly spreaded among the 4444. So hurry up and don’t miss your HUGE chance!


Magic Eden: https://magiceden.io

Verified on Digital Eyes, we are listed very soon. 

In Progress:

Since we are surprised and thankful for all the support of our members we want to share the luck with you also with a SPECIAL whitelist sale


Apply here for one of the limited spots: https://forms.gle/vFpCysmGZ66amcvS6

iPhone Joker. If you mint one of these 3 you're the CRAZY winner of an iPhone 12!

Our Character

30x Special weapons. Illuminating style.

20x different faces

31x different backgrounds.

7x amazing wings

5x different type of body color and styles

More than 30x different clothes, suits, pants

10x different accessories like chains, sunglasses and special elements

More than 20x different helmets, hats and hair styles 

5x Special Face Elements like wounds

different type of eyewears

Klick on a beating dot to read about that!



Actor & Musician. Free mind & soul. Nomad travelling the world. Loves creativity & laughing.


Hardworker & Entrepreneur. Loves all people. Sometimes not funny. Never gives up.


God gave him 100 years of developing experience. But is a 20 year old model looking like adonis.


Disciplined game designer. If he works you cannot reach him from earth. Can draw and digitize inconceivable things.